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Forum - Hate Club: Skepticalheretic on Economics ( my evaluation of Skepticalheretic debates)

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The Burger KingPosted: Nov 25, 2012 - 12:22

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Started listening to Hate Club (thanks to Jimjesus) which then I found out about Skepticalheretic. Skepticalheretic seems to be insulting, but informative so he fits right in. I do not know much about economics (policies, history etc..) but he appears to me to have a grasp on it (I could be wrong). In general Skepticalheretic is levelheaded as well as a logical thinker. Skepticalheretic points on economics were interesting to me but his other points on genetics and philosophy not so much.

If I were to point out some problems with Skepticalheretic it would be that he often may understand particular concepts yet trying to communicate/articulate those concept in laymen terms to the outside audience may just get lost in translation. Muertos (a SP member) although had a very advanced vocabulary he had this ability to still be able to communicate to a outside audience and more times than not he got his point across very elegantly without having to give up his vast vocabulary within his arsenal. Skepticalheretic although has admitted he was wrong in some videos, I do think within his debates for example has a problem when admitting he is wrong, allowing someone to correct him, or simply considering the other persons position which often holds him back from having a serious discussion to find out what is right even if he is wrong or the other is wrong in some areas (should look into using forms of nonviolent communication) (he has admitted though he has a problem with this in a video). Skepticalheretic is a conservative voted both ways for Democrat (in the past) and Republican (presently) parties and use to be a teabagger until as he claimed the party got high-jacked.

Skepticalheretic will often spout off academic research (he's not the onyl one though) papers in debates, which falls on deaf ears. I actually have no clue if Skepticalheretic academic works he says are accurate as far as interpretation or not without looking at the work myself, at that if his economic understanding is accurate as well. I highly suggest before or after debates to put in the youtube video description or even better make a blog about the academic research of your side and the other sides as well as none academic research. It's really hard to follow these topics when both sides are barraging the other side with academic research. These debates seems to foster and justify more a persons identity than anything else which is ok but doesn't provide anything meaningful besides entertainment.

To me debates are about twisting data to fit there own arguments which to me makes debates at that philosophical discourse futile when it comes to actually finding the answer or to understand something better. If having debates could solve world problems this world would be a much better place. I often thought of debates as more for entertainment value mostly than anything else, but if you throw out academic works and make such claims make it as easy as possible for people who want to know to find it.

On SP people like Edward L. Winston, Ed, Matt, Jimjesus, CyborgJesus, Anticultist etc... make claims that often back it up with evidence. It's not bad to show people where you get your information from or doing there work for them it's actually good thing most of the time (not saying it could be bad some of the time as well). It shows people what are good sources, it also expands a person sources instead of just using youtube videos as evidence (stressing this for CT's). I have a few problems with Skepticalheretic but I think I got most of the problems with him out and in general I find his economic understandings to be interesting. As I get most of my economic perspectives from jimjesus, cyborgjesus, and a few credible websites.

Later on I will try to timestamp and find sources to back up the claims/academic sources within these videos.

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