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Forum - John McCain is a Secret Communist

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shamsham1090Posted: Sep 14, 2011 - 22:21

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John McCain: the perfect Manchurian Candidate. A man who has spent more time with communists then any presidential candidate in United States history. McCain cannot deny his radical associations, he's got the wounds to show it. I'm of course talking about his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. All those years of torture, interrogation, and indoctrination could turned him into some sort of communist sleeper cell that would one day become our president. Brainwashing is not that hard to do.

Now why am I saying this and sounding like a John Birch Society crank? Because this ridiculous guilt by loose association crap was used against Obama. The Republican candidates have got their own connections with Bill Ayers they should worry about if they really think its even relevant.

The Annenbergs-- Republicans. Bankrolled William Ayers with $50 million

As John Martin at Republicans For Obama pointed out:

The Annenbergs-- Republicans. Bankrolled William Ayers with $50 million
But Walter and Leonore weren't just giving money to educational foundations started by William Ayers. They were also giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee and various other Republican groups, as well as to a whole host of Republican candidates, including the following:

George W. Bush $4000
Mitt Romney $5000
Strom Thurmond $1000
Fred Thompson $500
Rick Santorum $3000
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