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Forum - Tea party: old style authoritarians with a new label

An article from Verdict on the Tea Party

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Wolf BirdPosted: Aug 20, 2011 - 15:20

I shoot you dead.

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A very good article on the beliefs of the Tea Party.
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KeppPosted: Aug 20, 2011 - 15:45

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(1) they are more submissive than most to their leaders, and they take direction without question; (2) they are easily frightened and their leaders keep them that way; (3) they wear their self-righteousness on their sleeves, e.g., with their assertion that they are "the true Americans;" (4) they are highly aggressive, so they lash out at those with whom they do not agree; (5) critical thinking and logic escapes them, and they rely upon simplistic slogans to answer complex questions; (6) they inflate problems, and they find an endless supply of our "biggest problems"; (7) they hold conflicting and contradictory beliefs, which does not trouble them, because their thinking is compartmentalized; (8) double standards are totally acceptable to them, so they can be highly critical of others who do exactly what they do, or have done; (9) they feel empowered when in groups, and gain strength by remaining together with like-minded others; (10) they are highly dogmatic, since they do not know why they believe what they do, and they do not question themselves; (11) they are ethnocentric and constantly judge others and events from an "us versus them" point of view; and (12) they are prejudiced, and often racist, although some do not realize it or believe it when confronted.

Most of these are spot on to all the teapartiers I know in real life.
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