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Forum - An RBE is like living with your mom at 45 years of age

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Agent MattPosted: Mar 30, 2011 - 18:36

Genuine American Monster

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"I currently find myself living in a situation which is not entirely unlike what i would expect to find in a rbe type society. It is a unique arrangement where I live in this house owned by my mothers boyfriend. He considers me like the favorite son he never had. All of the labor I do around here benefits me in the long term since I will eventually own this place, unless, of course we are successful in creating a rbe society before that day arrives. Almost all of my needs are met here. I already have most of the things I could want, having purchased those during my working years, I'm semi retired at the early age of 45. All of the work I do here is voluntarily based, and much of it is stuff I'm interested in doing anyhow. I have been learning things here, I would not have expected to take any interest in, such as horticulture, and raising animals. But, it is basically an enjoyable life."


Fucking lol'd. Damn, at least VTV has his own mobile home.

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