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Forum - Angle To Reporter: I'll Answer Questions 'When I'm The Senator'

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Agent MattPosted: Oct 30, 2010 - 09:09

Genuine American Monster

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Nathan Baca, the local CBS affiliate reporter in Las Vegas who has made a good career this year of chasing around Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle and attempting in vain to get her to answer his questions, has just posted another gem.

As Baca's latest segment shows, he intercepted Angle at McCarran International Airport, and tried to ask her questions about national security and diplomacy, such as her calls for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations, and who would be our country's willing allies.

Angle answered: "I think when it comes to major policy issues, the people of Nevada are most concerned about our jobs, our homes and our economy."

"But if you want to be one of 100 U.S. Senators that are going to be deciding on war powers and on ratifying treaties, which is what a Senator has to do, you have to answer these questions."

"Well, certainly," said Angle. "And I'll answer those questions when I'm the Senator."

As Baca pressed her further about the two wars that the United States is fighting, Angle remains silent. Baca said in a tone of exasperation: "You are literally staying silent about the two wars that we're in right now."

Angle then gave this Yogi Berra-esque answer: "You know, the two wars that we're in right now, is exactly what we're in."

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 49.7%-46.4% against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Late Update: Now Angle has banned this TV station from her election night party for asking these questions. The AP reports:

Journalists from the local CBS and NBC news affiliates surprised Angle at McCarran International Airport on Friday to ask her questions about national security and unemployment. Video footage shows the GOP Senate candidate telling the reporters she will answer questions once she is elected.

Hours later, Angle spokeswoman Ciara Matthews told the news stations they are no longer invited to the election night party.

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Omni-SciencePosted: Oct 30, 2010 - 09:14

Ordo Ab Chao.

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I used to think stuff like this was just lulz on a bun....

But now, it's just sad, and worrying.

Also, I ate too much, and it made me puke.

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